Greenwave Dirty Electricity Filters: 1 Bedroom Home Kit (8 filters)

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    Greenwave International specializes in the measurement and treatment of dirty electricity (a.k.a. electrical noise, line noise, power line EMI). Dirty electricity is erratic electrical energy (i.e., voltage transients) that travels along the wiring in buildings where only standard 60-Hertz AC electricity should be. It is created by electronics, energy efficient lighting, and many other modern electrical devices as they manipulate electrical current to operate. Once created, dirty electricity circulates throughout a building and even to other buildings via wiring and power lines. It radiates potentially harmful electromagnetic fields into homes, schools, businesses, and other settings. Greenwave filters utilize state-of-the-art EMI filtering technology to significantly reduce the level of dirty electricity present on building wiring. The filters are very easy to install. Simply plug them into electrical outlets or power strips for immediate results. The filters come with a grounded, 3-prong plug and include a built-in outlet at their base for plug-through convenience. They are both UL approved and RoHS compliant (i.e., free of hazardous substances such as lead, mercury, cadmium, and more). Our mission at Greenwave International is to create healthier spaces for living, learning, work, and more. How? By helping people clean up electro-pollution around them.
    Greenwave Filters reduce DIRTY ELECTRICITY (a type of potentially harmful electro-pollution) in buildings.
    Simply plug the filters into electrical outlets and power strips for immediate results.
    Package includes 8 filters, enough for approximately 4 rooms total.
    Filters include a built-in outlet at their base for plug-through convenience. Great for heavy-use outlets!
    Install 2 filters in most rooms; 3 in rooms with lots of electronics/appliances; 1 in bathrooms.

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