Grizzly C2310 Shaper Cutter

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    This carbide-tipped shaper cutter set is specifically made for use on shapers with 1/2″ spindles. Smaller profiles are ideal for shaping small radii and for making picture frames. This 1/2″ bore, 2mm thick carbide cutter set stays sharp longer than the old HSS cutters and is priced right, too. Can be used in hard and soft woods and wood composite materials. 5,000-10,000 R.P.M. C2005/C2006 Cutter Dia.: 2″. C2005/C2006 Cutting Length: 1″. Max RPM: 15,000.
    1/4″ Tongue and Groove Set
    1/2″ Bore
    1″ Cutting Length

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