Snow Joe Illum-n-Broom LED Lighted 4-in-1 Snow Broom + Ice Scraper (2 Pack)

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    When the icy wind is blowing, you’re cold and tired, and you need to get drive your car, you want a tool that can get you out of the cold and into your vehicle. You want this 2-pack of Snow Joe Illum-n-Brooms. This 4-in-1 device removes snow and ice from your car and safely illuminates the task at hand. Use the foam snow brush to push snow off the windshield or roof, thanks to the 30-49 inch telescopic pole. Use the built-in ice scraper to remove ice without damaging your paint or windshield. The dual LED lights function as a flashlight, so you can actually see the ice on your car, and can be used as an emergency blinker. Keep a tool you’ll appreciate every snowfall, the Snow Joe Illum-n-Broom.
    4-in-1 device: Snow broom, ice scraper, flashlight, and emergency blinker
    18 x 7 inches non-abrasive foam head pushes snow off cars
    Sweep snow and scrape ice off your car without damaging it
    30-49 inch telescoping pole
    2 LED lights illuminate car

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