Electrical wiring, conduit, 240 volt outlet for EV


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Hi Dominick,

I can’t afford to hire an electrician to wire a 240V outlet in my garage so I want to do it myself (I’m a disabled, unemployed, veteran).

I’ve attached a pic of my panel – can this handle another 240V, 40A breaker?

The existing conduit (I think it’s 3/4″) from the panel to my garage is for a 120V outlet. Can I use the same conduit to run 8/2 wire with the existing 120V wire? I’m not sure what type of wire the 120V.

Thank you,


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    Your panel looks like you have plenty of room for a 240 breaker. If you’re trying to just get 220 in the garage you can just use a two pole 20 amp breaker with 12/3 wire. But what are you doing with that 220 outlet? Is there anything else on that line?

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