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I have a question for you that I am hoping that you can answer for me. I have read several articles and have been told by some people that it is possible to wire a tanning bed to a portable generator using a custom made cable. I even had a former co-worker who is an offshore electrical tech draw me a diagram of how to do it, but I lost it and haven’t seen him since. I have been trying to get someone to assist me with how to wire it for over 3 years, but, no doubt, will not tell me because I am a woman. I have a 7000W portable Honda generator with a 4 prong 240V 30A L14-30R RV  receptacle, and a 220V 2750W tanning bed (rated at 20A) with a 3 prong NEMA 6-20 plug. So, here is my questions: Do you know how I would wire a custom cable to plug the 3 prong tanning bed plug to the 4 prong RV receptacle on the generator? As per the generator wiring diagram, the L14-30R receptacle has ground at the top slot, white neutral at the bottom slot, and left and right slots are the hot wires of 120V each (I have attached the partial diagram of the receptacle). Your assistance would be much appreciated. Thank you in advance!

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    On your generator you’ll have four connections. Two hots one neutral and a ground, with me so far?

    For your bed, you should have the same amount of wires. Or maybe no neutral at all. Not all 220 will use the return path aka neutral.

    You’ll just need to wire the two hots, a ground and a neutral to the new plug for the generator. It’s really that simple.

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